Hirohisa Tanaka

Major research activity

HirohisaTanakaWhat kind of the world will be desirable 100 years after? The technology and the energy for supporting the future daily life are considered along a flow in time, and the road map to reach there is drawn to establish the research theme. Of course, the theme for 100 years after won't wrestle right now. That shows us the way to go as the Polaris. A study can carry step by step along the way.

We, Hirohisa Tanaka’s research groups, have developed the new functional materials by controlling the structure in nano-scale. Specifically: (1) "Fuel cell" which generates electricity directly from the liquid fuel. (2) "Automotive emission control catalyst" which has self-healing function. (3) "Diesel exhaust particle purification" by plasma. (4) "Hydrogen recombination catalyst" which prevents a hydrogen explosion. It'll be also regarded as a mission to achieve "Mastery for Service" by international cooperation with the industry, the university and the research institute.

"The answer is not the only one!" You should face the answerless question (Aporia) in the real society. And you'd experience to make a question by yourself and be disturbed by your own question. You are expected to be unsatisfied with the only one answer, and to experience the pleasure to seek for another solution while changing the precondition. By considering diversity, the research theme is being excited out infinitely. I wish everyone to experience it by all means.

Major relevant publications

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