Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Mathematical Sciences aims at carrying out research and education of pure and applied mathematics at a high level with a broad perspective.

Our faculty consists of specialists in algebra, analysis, geometry, probability/statistics and their neighboring fields. Some members are interested in more than one field, such as an algebraist interested in statistics, an analyst dealing with natural phenomena, another analyst using geometric techniques, and a geometer studying informatics and statistics.

Extensive use of computers is made by members interested in what are called real-world problems, namely problems in physics, chemistry, biology and economics. Others employ symbolic, rather than numerical, calculation software for topics with a pure-math flavor.

Since our faculty covers a broad range of topics, a graduate student has much freedom in choosing an advisor and making a research plan in accordance with his/her aptitude and preference.

In addition to research activity under an advisor in a laboratory, our graduate program involves some course work, which enables a student to obtain knowledge in a wide scope of subjects.

An undergraduate is required to study basics in the first two years and is advised to study some advanced and specialized materials when he or she is a junior.

In the senior year, he or she can join a laboratory and perform research in a specialized area.

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