Biomedical Chemistry

Introducing the Department of Biomedical Chemistry

Focus of our department

Life science and technology have been developed in last decades and is expected to take roles into practical applications which contribute human life and society. Some new biological technologies, stem cell science for example, will be transferred into the therapeutic stage soon. In the recent current of life science, it becomes more important to show the new direction into the field of medical and healthcare science.

The purpose of our department is to create “life-innovations” for human healthcare. The main focus of the department is life science relating to mammalian biology, medicine and pharmacy which also covers research fields of dermatology (cosmetics), toxicology (environment) and food science for the next generation. We provide theoretical and empirical educations to the students through classroom lectures and conducting researches in 9 laboratories. The lectures includes basic biology, chemistry, informatics and engineering which are important to understand biological phenomena based on molecular reactions and thermodynamics knowledge.


The department consists of 9 laboratories, regenerative medicine, toxicology and environmental biology, oncology, brain science, pharmacogenomics, reproductive medicine, biomedical optics, genomic informatics, and biomedical informatics. All master students belong to one of these laboratories and make researches according to their own research theme under the instructions of professors and teachers.

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