Chemistry has strongly supported the development of material civilizations linked with mathematics or physics as one of the most basic sciences. The keywords of modern society such as material, energy, environment, and life are all closely concerned with chemistry, and people have high hope for the fruits of chemical research. Our department has three research groups: inorganic and analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, and organic chemistry. You can develop your expertise in frontier chemistry in each research field. The inorganic and analytical chemistry group investigates the synthesis and functional analysis of inorganic compounds that have new properties and wide variety of structures, and the analyses of earth and environmental materials. The physical chemistry group studies the functional materials that have a role in optical and electronic technologies, the structure and function of biological materials and the light energy conversion. The organic chemistry group researches the development of environment-conscious organic synthesis reaction, the synthesis of physiologically active natural products and the synthesis of functional organic compounds. Our ultimate aim is to study all materials available in the world, including nano, inorganic, biological, medicative, bioactive and environmental materials by chemical approach.

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