The Department of Informatics is contributing to the development of information and communication technologies through education and research in this area. Students acquire the knowledge and expertise to discover and expand the potential of computers and networks. New applications of information and communications technology are being found in fields such as sports and culture that until now have been seemingly unrelated. One good example is in developing systems for analyzing strategy and tactics of American football games, supporting the Kwansei Gakuin football team, the Fighters.

Our department consists of two courses, one devoted to Information Systems and the other to Network Systems. Our interests in Information Systems include, but are not limited to: data mining that discovers interesting useful knowledge from enormous amounts of information, computer simulation techniques with applications to designing new materials, artificial intelligence for cleverly solving problems, optimization and algorithm studies to efficiently find the best solution for mathematical problems found in daily life. Research and education in Network Systems are conducted for next generation internet systems including semantic web, information and communication theories toward reliable and secure networks, and mobile communications systems for ultra-speed high-performance digital data transmission.

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