Applied Chemistry for Environment

The consideration toward the global environment is an important issue that we cannot avoid for a bright future. In our department, we promote education and research with an emphasis on “how we make use of chemistry for our life” by learning the basics of chemistry. We pursue new technologies to achieve a better life without giving a load to the environment, and we contribute to the making of an eco-friendly future using multiple approaches specific to chemistry. Our department consists of the following three research fields.

  1. Synthesis of highly functional materials without giving a load to the environment.
  2. Search for new functions of materials to reduce environmental load by elucidating the various natural phenomena such as photosynthesis and photocatalyst, and so on.
  3. Survey and analysis of global environment and the substance circulation in the earth.

We create “future technologies” which can realize a brighter future by investigating comprehensively from material synthesis at an atomic level to environmental research on a global scale.

Characteristics of our department

  • Applied chemistry to create new technologies for our brighter future
    Initially, students learn the basics of chemistry, and then they learn how to make use of chemistry for our life using the knowledge of basic chemistry. Worldwide high-level professors educate them using a state-of-the-art instruments to create future technologies.
  • Applied chemistry based on a new approach
    From molecule to earth level, all the natural world is linked. In our department, we systematically investigate a wide range of chemistry from the molecular to earth level. In this way, we can reconsider chemistry from a new point of view.
  • Upbringing of chemists and engineers who can consider environmental problems
    Human resources able to consider the serious environmental problems have been required all over the world. In our department, we bring up chemists and engineers who can be successful on a global scale with knowledge and ability to consider the environmental problems.

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