The aim of physics is to understand Nature from first principles. A fundamental understanding is also quite effective in applying physical phenomena for practical use. The physics majors are well prepared for almost any career, because they are equipped with a strong background to quantitatively analyze complex problems, a capacity that can be utilized in any technical field.

Our department provides students with an understanding of the basic elements of physics and skill to tackle many problems.

From their first year to third year, students develop an understanding of the core of physics. In the first year, an intensive seminar course is offered, where students come to know how to study physics in the university through inquiries and debates with peers. The second year and the third-year students take student-lab courses. The second year course helps students to grasp basic concepts and phenomena of physics. The third year course offers advanced experiments in several important fields in physics.

In the fourth year, students enter a particular research group in our department and have the opportunity to carry out a physics research project. The object of the research in our department is ranging from the early universe, semiconductors, to complex biological systems.

The Graduate School of Science and Technology is in an inter-institutional alliance with the world's largest synchrotron radiation facility SPring-8. Many graduate students are carrying out a part of their experiments in SPring-8.

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