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Location of KSC in Japan

Kwansei Gakuin University has five campuses: Kobe-Sanda Campus (in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture), Nishinomiya-Uegahara Campus (in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture), Nishinomiya-Seiwa Campus (in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture), Osaka-Umeda Campus (in Osaka), and Tokyo-Marunouchi Campus (in Tokyo). School of Science and Technology is on Kobe-Sanda Campus (KSC).

Sanda City is located in the western-central part of Japan. It is about 60 minutes from Osaka or Kobe, and about 90 minutes from Kyoto by train.

Sanda City is surrounded by hills. The tem­pera­ture exceeds 30 degrees in summer and is a few degrees in winter. The snow falls oc­ca­sion­al­ly in winter. Please check the temperature on the day of travel and prepare appropriate clothes.

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Around KSC

Railway stations available for access to KSC are Shinsanda Station (JR Fukuchiyama Line), Minami Woody Town Station (Kobe E­lec­tric Railway), and Woody Town Chuo Station (Kobe E­lec­tric Railway). You can use well­-ordered bus lines for the trans­por­ta­tion within Sanda City. It is rec­om­mended to use a bus from the railway station to the campus. To KSC, it is about 20 minutes from Shinsanda Station, and about 10 minutes from Minami Woody Town Station and Woody Town Chuo Station. You can also use a taxi from the railway sta­tions, and it takes about 10 minutes.

There are shopping centers around Minami Woody Town Station and Woody Town Chuo Station. Sanda Hotel is within 5 minutes' walk from Woody Town Chuo Station.