Tuition and Other fees

  First year Second year Third year Fourth year
Admission Fee 300,000 - - -
Tuition 947,000 1,118,000 1,118,000 1,118,000
Education Enhancement Fee 266,000 310,000 310,000 310,000
Research / Practicum Fee 106,000 106,000 106,000 106,000
Total 1,619,000 1,534,000 1,534,000 1,534,000


  • The total fee listed above is the tuition and other fees for the 2016 enrollee. Tuition and Other fees for 2017 enrollee have not been finalized.
  • The total fee listed above does not include miscellaneous fees (Member ship fee of Parental Association, Student Co-op fee and others- total 27,000yen in the first year.) as these fees are subject to change.
  First semester All other semesters
Admission Fee 200,000 -
Tuition 357,500 357,500
Research / Practicum Fee 43,500 43,500
Educational Development Fee 104,000 104,000
Total 705,000 505,000


  • Amounts are current as of 2019 and are subject to change.
  • Students will be assessed a fee for joining the Alumni Association (2,000yen).
  • The admission fee is reduced by half for students who have graduated from any Bachelor’s Program at Kwansei Gakuin University.

Financial Support for International Students offered by KGU

Qualifications Reduction / Amount Notes
undergraduates / graduates 30% tuition reduction All undergraduates and graduates schools registered as KGU international students
undergraduates an amount equivalent to 20% of the tuition All first year students who hold a student visa and are recognized as a non-Japanese student by the applicable school. 50% of second year students and above
graduates an amount equivalent to  50% of the tuition Tentative Selection Pending University Entrance*
(40% of the successful candidates ; selected based on entrance exam results)
an amount equivalent to  35% of the tuition Selection after University Entrance
(60% of all international students who hold a student visa and are recognized as a non-Japanese student by the applicable school excluding candidates of Tentative Selection after University Entrance)

* For “Tentative Selection Pending University Entrance”, the university targets students who are expected to conduct outstanding research after entering the program. Selected candidates will be notified before their entrance into the program. However, it is necessary for students to meet all requirements related to their status of residence, etc., in order to be officially selected to receive the scholarship.

More Information

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