Shigeto R. Nishitani

Major research activity

ShigetoNishitaniHis primary interest is computational materials science, which uses computers and computer sciences for developing novel alloys or processes for solid state materials. For such a purpose, he has a strong background in materials science specifically in on phase diagrams and lattice defects. He also has skills for software codings on Ruby, C, and Maple.

His current projects are in two fields. The first is the nucleation free energy in Fe-Cu systems, which is the main target for high-strengthened steel. The free energy is obtained by precise cluster enthalpy calculations using the ab-initio method, and the entropy estimations from statistical mechanics. The second one is metastable solvent epitaxy for the solution growth method of SiC, which is a promising semiconductor for the next generation of power devices. He revealed the mechanism of the novel synthetic process of 4H SiC explained by the double phase diagram.

He is also exploring internet communication technologies for educators, especially with regards to learning management, portal and portfolio systems. He is now a deputy executive dean of Organization for Information Management and Communication in Kwansei Gakuin.

Major relevant publications

  1. "First principles calculations of solute sweeping and stacking fault in Mg-Zn-Y alloy" Yuichi Sakamoto, Chihori Shirayama, Yosuke Yamamoto,Rika Kubo, Motoyuki Kiyohara, and Shigeto R. Nishitani, Mater. Trans., 56, No.7 (2015), 933-936.
  2. "First principles calculations of solution energies of dopants around stacking faults in Si crystal" Yosuke Yamamoto, Kensuke Togase, Yutaka Ohno, Ichiro Yonenaga, and Shigeto R. Nishitani,Japanese Journal of Applied Physics vol.53, No.6, 061302 (2014) REGULAR PAPER.
  3. "Metastable Solvent Epitaxy of SiC, the Other Diamond Synthetics" Shigeto R. Nishitani, Kensuke Togase, Yosuke Yamamoto, Hiroyasu Fujiwara, and Tadaaki Kaneko, "Silicon Carbide",edited by Moumita Mukherjee, (InTech? 2011) ISBN 978-953-307-348-4.
  4. "Metastable Solvent Epitaxy of SiC" Shigeto R. Nishitani and Tadaaki Kaneko, J. Crystal Growth, Vol 310/7-9 (2008), pp 1815-1818.
  5. "First-principles study of the effect of lattice vibrations on Cu nucleation free energy in Fe-Cu alloys" Koretaka Yuge, Atsuto Seko, Isao Tanaka and Shigeto R. Nishitani, Physical Review B, 72, (2005), 174201(7 pages).

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