Hiroyuki Osaki

Major research activity

Our primary research objective is realization of an extremely large-scale and advanced information system, which we call "Information Ecosystem". Information Ecosystem is composed of several heterogeneous and large-scale networks including the Internet, mobile networks, wireless sensor networks, and social networks.

The current Internet was initially designed in 1970's. A great number of enhancements have been added to its networking protocol called TCP/IP protocol. Due to many inherent architectural limitations and compatibility issues, it is now almost impossible to implement innovative features to the Internet. It is the time to redesign the current Internet.

Also, the Internet is composed of millions of nodes and used by billions of users. It has been still continuously expanding. The Internet is apparently the largest artificial system in the history of human being. Unfortunately, there is little theory to understand, design, and control such a large-scale information system. Conventional networking researches have therefore being relying on adhoc and heuristic approaches.

We therefore develop fundamental theories for design, modeling, and control of large-scale information ecosystems, and also present practical solutions to challenging issues in the real world. Examples of our research topics are information-centric network architecture, in which data transferred in the network is the first-class, epidemic-style communication in challenging environments, real-time communication protocols for automation and plant control, network services for online communities. Through development of fundamental theories and realization of practical solutions, we will create the future of advanced networked society.


- Large-Scale Network
- Complex Network
- Network Dynamics
- Cloud Networking
- Network Virtualization
- Social Networking
- Network Modeling
- Traffic Management
- Performance Evaluation
- Control Theory
- Network Service
- Information Diffusion
- Data-Centric Networking

Major relevant publications

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