Kohzoh Yoshino

Major research fields

DSC_0782Biosignal Analysis, Mathematical Modelling, Biomedical Engineering

To allow people to maintain a sound mind and body and to have a safe and comfortable lifestyle, products and services need to be developed on the basis of an understanding of human physiological, psychological, and behavioral characteristics. Therefore, I am engaged in biomedical engineering research to develop technology for evaluating humans’ physical and mental health status by mathematically analyzing physiological data such as the human cardiovascular system and data related to daily behavior and physical activities. I am also undertaking the task of constructing mathematical models that can systematically describe physiological findings and simulate physiological response mechanisms on a computer. I have previously developed technologies for the following: 1) automatically enabling quantitative evaluation of REM sleep behavior disorder with a high possibility of precursory phenomena of neurodegenerative disease; 2) predicting glucose tolerance test index values from fasting biomarkers concentration; 3) personal adaptive method to assess mental tension during daily life using heart rate variability; 4) detecting “Hiyari-Hat” (“Startled”,“Near-Miss”) state using physiological signals; 5) predicting behavior using indoor house sensors; 6) evaluating excitement levels in professional baseball spectators; and 7) mathematical models that can simulate effects of age and gender on cardiovascular system responses to aerobic ergometer exercise. It is my ambition to develop physical and mental health evaluation technology using physiological data, enabling early detection of diseases using mathematical analysis and mathematical modeling as fundamental technology, and thereby contributing to the society so that as many people as possible can live a healthy, comfortable, and safe life.

Major relevant publications

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