Hidetoshi Sato

Major research fields

HidetoshiSatoBiomedical Optics

Recent evolution of optical spectroscopic technologies makes their clinical applications more realistic and practical. Especially, Raman spectroscopy is one of the most powerful analytical tools for biomedical analysis. It is possible to obtain molecular information in live cells and tissues without labeling. We develop new instruments and analytical techniques of optical spectroscopy to contribute to biological and medical studies. Our miniaturized Raman probes make possible to analyze the live tissues, such as tumors and atherosclerosis in body. A Raman microscope with a CO2 incubator is powerful enough to analyze the molecular alteration in live cells. We apply the method in order to monitoring and controlling a state of the pluripotent cells (ES and iPS cells), detecting of drugs on cancerous cells, and, analyzing the signal transmission system in neural cells. Some of our technologies have been turned into practical phases in the collaboration studies with companies. Many other developments and application studies are going on, too. If you are interested in biomedical spectroscopy, do not hesitate to contact me. I am sure that you will like our technologies.

Major relevant publications

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