Haruhiro Katayose

Major research activity

HaruhiroKatayoseIndustrial needs thus far have made tremendous progress in technology and material exploration, and accordingly all sorts of systems and organizations have further developed. Needless to say, our daily lifestyle today implements such technological advancements. However, civilization based on too much material rationalism often yields social problems.

Rather than pursuing higher levels of technology, therefore, I am interested in realizing so-called "experiences" that ordinary people dream of, such as equipment that existed only in the SF world or comics in the past - mobile phones, Wii remote controllers and TV sets hanging on the wall used to be wildest dreams but are now available in real life.

Currently I am engaged in the following research areas concerning "interaction" and "entertaining fields."

1) Contents Creation and Design

2) Music Informatics (cf. http://www.crestmuse.jp/index-e.html)

3) Psychological Measurement

Major relevant publications

  1. Nobuto Fujii, Yuichi Sato, Hironori Wakama, Koji Kazai, Haruhiro Katayose: Evaluating Human-like Behaviors of Video-Game Agents Autonomously Acquired with Biological Constraints, International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology 2013 (ACE2013), LNCS 8253, pp. 61-76 (2013)
  2. Dennis Reidsma, Haruhiro Katayose, Anton Nijholt: Advances in Computer Entertainment, LNCS 8253, Springer(2013)
  3. Haruhiro Katayose , Mitsuyo Hashida , Giovanni De Poli and Keiji Hirata: On Evaluating Systems for Generating Expressive Music Performance: the Rencon Experience, Journal of New Music Research, 41:4, 299-310 (2012)
  4. Shinichi Furuya, Eckart Altenmuller, Haruhiro Katayose and Hiroshi Kinoshita: Control of multi-joint arm movements for the manipulation of touch in keystroke by expert pianists, BMC Neuroscience 2010, 11:82 (2010)
  5. H. Katayose and S. Inokuchi : Kansei Music System, MIT Press, Computer Music Journal, Vol.13, No. 4, pp.72-77 (1990)

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