Suguru N. Kudoh

Major research fields

SuguruKudoNeuronal intelligence engineering is discipline for the integrated fields of as follows;


Researches for the dynamics of electrical activity in a living neuronal network

2.Conventional neuroscience and cell biology.

3.Neurorobotics and Bio-robotics.

Hybrid system in which a living neuronal network is connected to a robot body via control rules, corresponding to genetically provided connections between a brain and a peripheral system

4.Cognitive science.

Researches for correlations between neuronal signals and cognitive functions. In addition, Brain imaging with wearable functional near-infrared spectroscopy(fNIRS), development of EEG telemetry system and study for Brain-Computer interface (BCI).

5. Engineering for artificial environments for neurons.

These research fields tightly associate with each other, and form novel intelligence engineering. The aim of our research is to elucidate relationship between dynamics of neuronal network and brain information processing. For this, we analyze spatio-temporal pattern of electrical activity in rat hippocampal cells cultured on a multi-electrode array or in acute slices of basal ganglia. We also develop bio-robotics hybrid system in which a living neuronal network is connected to a robot body via control rules, corresponding genetically provided interfaces between a brain and a peripheral system. We believe that mind emerges from fluctuation of dynamics in hierarchized interactions between cells.

Major relevant publications

  1. Wataru Minoshima, Hidekatsu Ito and Suguru N. Kudoh: The Glucose Concentration-Dependency of Spontaneous Activity in a Cultured Neuronal Network; Electronics and Communications in Japan Volume 97, Issue 9, pages 35–41, September 2014
  2. Yoshinori Matsui, Hidekatsu Ito, Wataru Minoshima, Suguru N. Kudoh: Stability of neuronal electrical activity pattern evoked by two inputs stimulation.; SCIS&ISIS 2014, Kitakyushu, December3-6.
  3. Yuto Ooki, Hidekatsu Ito, Wataru Minoshima, Suguru N. Kudoh:The effects of transient abolishment of electrical activity on dynamics in a dissociated neuronal network.; SCIS&ISIS 2014, Kitakyushu, December3-6.
  4. Suguru N. Kudoh : “Design to perform information processing in living neuronal network”,a book chapter (chapter 3) in Creative Engineering Design in Robotics and Mechatronics edited by Maki Habib, IGI Global, Hershey, USA. (2013, 323p)
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