Sei Sumi

Major research activity

SeiSumiSei Sumi holds an MA in Education from Tokyo Metropolitan University and a Ph.D. in Foreign Language Education from Kansai University. He specializes in CALL (computer-assisted language learning). He is interested in the interface between language learning and the use of tools. He is especially interested in the application of technology to foreign language teaching and learning. He conducted several research projects at junior high schools and universities to investigate an appropriate way of using an LMS (learning management system). He is currently working on the development and use of CALLs (computer-adaptive language learning system) based on the item response theory. The system makes it possible to automatically estimate learners’ English ability in accordance with learners’ responses and offer learners with appropriate question items or learning resources. His recent publications are listed below. More details are available on his personal HP.

Major relevant publications

  1. Sumi, S. (2015). Towards integration and normalisation of technology in the Japanese EFL context: An ecological perspective on foreign language teaching. Tokyo: Kinseido.
  2. Sumi, S. & Schalow, T. (2014). An Application of DBR to the Development of a Framework for English Language Education. International Journal of Digital Information and Wireless Communications, 4(3), 10–17.
  3. Sumi, S. (2011). Voices from EFL teachers: A qualitative investigation of teachers' use of technology. In M. Levy, F. Blin, C. Siskin, & O. Takeuchi (Eds.), WorldCALL: International perspective on computer-assisted language learning (pp. 293–312). NY: Routledge.
  4. Sumi, S. (2011). Application of Access-Log Analysis and Social-Network Analysis to the Study of Foreign-Language Learning. Language Education & Technology, 48, 95–124.