Isao Takahashi

Major research fields

IsaoTakahashiX-ray Surface Scattering, Soft Matter Surface

Surface X-ray diffraction is a recently-developed technique for investigating surface structure and morphology. Unlike other surface-sensitive techniques, X-ray's strong penetration power enables the technique to access deeply-buried interfaces non-destructively. In addition, high precision in measured diffraction intensity and easily-treated simple diffraction theory can assure substantial reliability on the results obtained from it. Since the early days of synchrotron radiation facilities for X-ray users in Japan, I have involved in this technique in order to widen its applicability. I have concentrated on seeking the surface science of “dirty surfaces of complex materials", e.g., those of polymers, colloids and alloys, many of them might not been considered to be topics in condensed matter physics, although some importance for applications has been widely acknowledged. Crystallization, melting, glass transition, pattern formation sometimes called secondary structures accompanied with phase transitions and phase separations emerging on surface and interface of thin complex materials, etc. are my current concerns. With the promising help of SPring-8, the third generation synchrotron facility of Japan, I hope to contribute to the vast fields of quasi-2D complex systems.

Major relevant publications

  1. Controlling X-ray beam trajectory with a flexible hollow glass fibre, by Yoshihito Tanaka, Takashi Nakatani, Rena Onitsuka, Kei Sawada and Isao Takahashi, Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 21 (2014) 61-65.
  2. Relaxor Behavior on Phase Transition of (Sr0.68Ba0.32)2Nb2O7 Single Crystals, Yukikuni Akishige, Shinya Tsukada, and Isao Takahashi, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 83, 073601 (2014)
  3. Melting and b to a transition behavior of b-PBA and the b-PBA/PVPh blend investigated by synchrotron SAXS and WAXD, Xiaoli Sun, Junteng Liu, Isao Takahashi and Shouke Yan, RSC Advances, 4 (2014) 39101-39109
  4. Depth-dependent inhomogeneous characteristics in supported glassy polystyrene films revealed by ultra-low X-ray reflectivity measurements, Chunming Yang, Kohei Ishimoto, Syunsui Matsuura, Naoki Koyasu and Isao Takahashi, Polymer Journal 46 (2014) 1–7
  5. Confinement effects on glass transition temperature, transition breadth, and linear expansivity: An ultraslow X-ray reflectivity study on supported ultrathin polystyrene films, Chunming Yang, Rena Onitsuka, and Isao Takahashi, The European Physical Journal E36: 66 (2013) (10pages).

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