Bibin Bintang Andriana

Major research fields

BibinBintangAndrianaFundamental Biology and Analytical Technology for Environment

Speaking about environmental issue, there are seven main topics that must be considered by scientist: biodiversity, genetic engineering food, human population, global warming, animal and nature conservation, and natural disaster. However, it is directly phenomena for several decades now we have been acutely aware of the increasingly intensifying effect that environmental degradation has already affected on human health. While many of these effects are localized, given the increasingly global nature of environmental problems, their impact on human health has also become global in dimension. Health experts are becoming more and more concerned about the potential impact on public health, if no precautionary measures are taken to deal with these global environmental problems. Several scenarios have been happened and predicted by endocrine disruptor chemicals (toxic) and carcinogenic chemical. Recently concerns have increased that widespread adverse effects are occurring in humans, domestic animals and wildlife due to exposure to environmental chemicals that posses endocrine disrupting activity and carcinogenic. These phenomena will be as the background to introduce Environmental Chemistry to graduate students to understand the basic research and applied research in the field of Environmental Chemistry, including the experimental research for exploring the herbal therapy of cancer. We would like to make a new approach to increase analternative method in studying the environmental chemistry aspect. Some methods of environmental chemistry studies are always causing the destruction of object points. In the world, societies have high in demand of adoption the non- destruction methods for studying environmental chemistry aspects. Nowadays, our equipment could not only cover conventional methods (histology, immunochemistry and ultrastructural study) but also the unconventional method using lasers (Raman probe and optical biopsy system). The main plan is to introduce and to teach the application of non-destructive methods tostudy Environmental Chemistry.

Major relevant publications

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