【Seminar】School of Science and Technology Seminar held on July 4, 2016


School of Science and Technology Seminar is held on July 4.
Time: 1:30-3:00pm
Location: Room305, Building Ⅳ
Speaker: Dr.Gilles Peltier (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA)/ The [French] Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission)
Title:Biotechnological challenges for the production of biofuels by microalgae

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【Event】 Leadership Dialogue -What’s “global citizen/global leadership”?-


We have a career event as follows.

Date: Thursday, June 23, 2016

Time: 12:45-14:15

Venue: Active Learning Zone, Academic Commons 1F, KSC

Outline: There are lots of leaders developing their career regardless of gender, race, and nationality in "Unilever". We will invite 2 leaders, and they will share their experience in global companies with keywords such as global leadership, career development and life planning as women. You can get the sense of “global” through this interactive session!

How to Apply: Mail to st_gender@kwansei.ac.jp with below info.
①Department ②Grade ③Name ④Question to Leaders

Lunch & LUX mini shampoo presented to the first 30 arrivals.

Leadership dialogue

“International Masters Program” Admission Guide for fall enrollment 2016 is available on its website


Guideline to admission and Application forms of International Masters Program for fall enrollment 2016 are now available for download.



Spring Entrance Ceremony 2016 held


Entrance Ceremony for under graduate/graduate schools was held on April 1st at Nishinomiya-Uegahara campus . School of Science and Technology welcomed 798 undergraduate students and 163 graduate students this spring.

*picture of entrance ceremony for graduate schools


ASTRO-H X-Ray Astronomy Satellite Successfully Launched! Associate Professor Junko Hiraga of the School of Science and Technology Takes Part


The ASTRO-H x-ray astronomy satellite for measuring x-rays in space, whose research and development involved Associate Professor Junko Hiraga and others from the School of Science and Technology, was successfully launched from the Tanegashima Space Center (Kagoshima Prefecture) on February 17. ASTRO-H was developed with the collaboration of more than 250 researchers from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (hereinafter, JAXA), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and other universities and research institutes both at home and overseas. Capable of measuring black holes eight billion light-years away, the measurement equipment on ASTRO-H has higher levels of sensitivity than the Suzaku x-ray astronomy satellite that was launched in 2005 and reached the end of its life last year. ASTRO-H will pursue the history of space stretching back 13.8 billion years.
Associate Professor Hiraga contributed to the development of one of the four x-ray sensors mounted on the satellite: an X-ray CCD camera known as the Soft X-ray Telescope (SXT) with the widest field of view (38 MOA) capable of taking x-ray astronomy images.
For further information, visit the special JAXA site and project site listed below.




【Seminar】School of Science and Technology Seminar held on March 7, 2016


School of Science and Technology Seminar is held on March 7.
Time: 3:30pm-7:00pm
Location: 112, Building Ⅶ
Speaker: Dr. Bui Nguyen Quoc Trinh(Assistant professor, Vietnam National University, Hanoi )
Title: Sub-100nm Ferroelectric thin-Film Transistor Memory and Cold Atmospheric Plasma Application

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International Masters Program Admission Guide for spring entry in 2016 for candidates residing in Japan is available on its website.


Guide and appication forms for International Masters Program for spring entry in 2016 are now available for download.




Sakura Exchange Program in Science implemented


Sakura Exchange Program in Science was implemented between November 8th and November 14th, 2016.
School of Science and Technology invited 9 undergraduate students (3 from National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan 3 from Tunghai University, Taiwan and 3 from Padjadjaran University, Indonesia). During the program, we provided them special lectures at Kobe-Sanda campus and took them cutting-edge institutes in Science and Technology such as SPring-8, Riken Center for Development Biology etc. This program aims at raising the interest of Asian youths toward the leading Japanese Science and Technology and was adopted by JST as one of Sakura Exchange Programs in Science.



【Seminar】School of Science and Technology Seminar held on November 27, 2015


School of Science and Technology Seminar is held on November 27.
Time: 3:30pm-6:00pm
Location: 303, 4th building
Speaker: Dr. Peter G. Kroth (Plant Ecophysiology, Faculty of biology, Konstanz University, Germany)
Title: Molecular approaches to study diatoms
Speaker: Dr. Mario Giordano (Plant Physiology, Politecnica delle Marche University, Italy)
Title: ATP sulfurylase in algae; diversity, peculiarities and redox regulation

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English web site has been renewed.


English website of undergraduate/graduate school of Science and Technology has been renewed so that international or prospective students can obtain more detailed information.