Sight Seeing

Nishinomiya City
Nishinomiya City is one of the most popular residence areas in Japan. There are 3 railroad companies, Hankyu, JR, and Hanshin, running in the south part of Nishinomiya city, providing very easy and quick access to the 2 large commercial areas, Kobe and Osaka cities.
The south side of the city faces "SETONAIKAI" ocean and there are famous Yacht harbor. When you watch north, there is a green mountain range of Mt. ROKKO. You can enjoy hiking on the well maintained trails or enjoy picnic with your family in Mt. Kabuto forrest park.
If you are lucky, you may enjoy SAKE festivals "KURABIRAKI" held by SAKE breweries on SAKAGURA-St. Nishinomiya city is close to Sanda-City which produces the best rice for Sake brewing. Nishinomiya has also special water "Miya-Mizu" in south part. Those brought up famous SAKE breweries, producing fine products.

Hankyu Railway

JR west

Hanshin Railway