Registration Closed!!!


Please submit following information to the registration desk via E-mail.

1. Name in alphabet (Identical to your passport)
2. Gender
3. Category (Student, Academic Researcher or Company Researcher)
4. Affiliation (Grade, Laboratory, Department, University, etc.)
5. E-mail address
6. Phone number (Country code+phone #)
7. Title of poster presentation (Poster sesstion is held on 6th Aug.: It is not necessary in the spectroscopic field.)
8. Copy of receipt of registration fee payment
9. Personal information (Requests regarding to food, allergen, e.t.c.; If we cannot meet your request, we will contact you.)

Registration desk: Ms. Kimiko Uehigashi,

Registration Fee

This is all inclusive program. The program starts at Osaka-Umeda campus, KGU and ends at Kobe Seminar House. There is a free bus servise from the seminar house to JR Dojo station. You can take a direct train servise to JR Osaka station. Staffs guide you and provide instructions how to take train and go to Osaka station.

Registration will be closed when the applicants are over 40 peoples in order. Please make payment, then e-mail your information to the registration office.

Now, we have more single rooms.
If you prefer hotel stay, please ask the registration desk. We have reserved some rooms in a hotel near Sanda Station. The cost of the hotel and the transportation is not included in the registration fee.

  Registration Fee (JPY)
Student 60,000
Academic Researcher 60,000
Company Researcher 70,000

Registration fee is paid:

1. By credit card


2. Via. bank transfer

Bank transfer servise fee is not included in the registration fee. Please bear this at your expense.

Bank Account:
Name of holder: CSS HIDETOSHI SATO
Bank: Minato Bank (0562; SWIFT Code: HSINJPJK)
Branch: Kotoen-Shiten (154)
Accout Type: Ordinary Deposit (普通)
Account Number: 1736495