About Seminar House


The registration fee is all-inclusive, including accommodation, meals and transportation. The organizing committee manages to cut the cost to reduce the registration fee. Consequently, the venue is student's quality, not like a luxury hotel. Please understand the conditions before making registration.

Please notice in advance:

The room is for 2 or 3 persons. You may assigned with somebody to share one room. Please find your friend to attend together, if you do not like to share the room with somebody else, please tell us when you make registration.We are trying to find more rooms but the Kobe seminar house is very popular and busy.
We have reserved more single rooms in the seminar house. Now, most students will be assigned to single rooms.

Meals are served at a dining room on the seminar house schedule. There is no other restaurant in the walking distance.

There are common use bath rooms separated for male and female. There is NO shower room at each guest room. There is a shower room which have 5 compartments divided by curtains. If you need shower, please contact the registration office in advance.

There are no amenity goods provided. Please bring your towel, tooth brush and pajama etc.

Houses for male and female are separated.

If you have any request regarding to meal, allergy, or need for any special treatments, please ask to the registration office in advance.