Dean’s Message

Jun’ichiro Mizuki, Dean.

Welcome to the School of Science and Technology at Kwansei Gakuin University, and thank you for visiting our website to view information on the School. Our School has an important purpose, a mission to the attainment of which we will all make a contribution. In order to realize that purpose, all faculty members have been building on their best strengths, working in unison. It is recognized in contemporary society that the importance of science and technology increases year by year, spurring innovation. Therefore, the expectations upon and responsibilities given to our School from our society are held by us to be paramount.

We should always consider how we can foster dreams and hopes in the young people who are the future of Japan. There are data to be worried about. According to one investigation conducted 15 years ago, only 30 % of Japanese high school students expressed hope about their future. On the other hand, 90, 60 and 60 % of their Chinese, Korean, and American counterparts, respectively, answered that they do have hope in their futures. It seems that this tendency has yet to have changed. It is doubtless that such results resonate with the stagnation of economic growth. Considering the fact that most aspects of economic growth are founded on innovation, a fact that is as true in Japan as it is across the world, innovation based on science and technology can incubate dreams and hopes to the youth of Japan, and make a bright future in Japan.

Our School was born as “a Faculty of Science” by two departments, Physics and Chemistry, in 1961. Thereafter it has produced many excellent and talented people in fields of fundamental research. In order to respond to the diversity of society, however, two departments of Bioscience and Informatics were newly established in 2002, and at the same time the school was renamed the “School of Science and Technology” reflecting the new mission to contribute to society through a wider number of fields. Furthermore, the Department of Mathematical sciences and Department of Human System Interaction, and Department of Nanotechnology for Sustainable Energy, Department of Applied Chemistry for Environment, and Department of Biomedical Chemistry were established in 2009 and 2015, respectively. The pursuit of science aims to uncover new truth through investigation of mathematics, physics, and chemistry. On the other hand, the study of technology aims to bring about techniques to solve problems in our lives, and to create a secure and safe society. It is essential that science and technology should cooperate with each other in order to implement innovative techniques at universities, and in real industrial and societal contexts. The three departments founded in 2015 will take a central role in this cooperation. To this end, a research environment with sufficient scale and personnel has been established at the Sanda campus such that new innovations can be developed.

The problems we face in the present society are both very sophisticated and complicated, and traditional methodologies or common sense may not be sufficient to solve them. One of the distinctive features of our School is that there are no barriers to the interchange between fundamental and applied fields. Our School breeds a free conception to create innovations. This allows our minds to be ready for the challenge of embarking on as yet untraveled roads.

Kwansei Gakuin University has been adopted by the Super Global University Project launched by MEXT. Our School makes a vital contribution to society through undertaking the role of a global academic port and by playing an active part as world citizens in the fields of science and technology, and based on the spirit of Mastery for Service.