【Event】 Leadership Dialogue -What’s “global citizen/global leadership”?-


We have a career event as follows.

Date: Thursday, June 23, 2016

Time: 12:45-14:15

Venue: Active Learning Zone, Academic Commons 1F, KSC

Outline: There are lots of leaders developing their career regardless of gender, race, and nationality in "Unilever". We will invite 2 leaders, and they will share their experience in global companies with keywords such as global leadership, career development and life planning as women. You can get the sense of “global” through this interactive session!

How to Apply: Mail to st_gender@kwansei.ac.jp with below info.
①Department ②Grade ③Name ④Question to Leaders

Lunch & LUX mini shampoo presented to the first 30 arrivals.

Leadership dialogue