Affine Algebraic Geometry Meeting
Photo Gallery
A. Grothendieck and his colleagues  in July, 1970

A. Grothendieck

left: M. Miyanishi
center: A. Grothendieck
right: S.S. Abhyankar

left: M. Nagata
center: M. Miyanishi

Affine Algebraic Geometry Meeting is to be held twice a year (March and September)
at Osaka Umeda Campus of Kwansei Gakuin University.
Main subject is (affine) algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, group actions, and polynomial ring and related topics.
Researchers and (graduate) students who are interested in
(affine) algebraic geometry and related topics are all welcome.

The Affine Algebraic Geometry Meeting in March and September, 2014 is not held

since we hold

Kyoto Workshop "Algebraic Varieties and Automorphism Groups"

July 7 (Mon.) -- 11 (Fri.) , 2014

Room 420, Research Institute of Mathematical Sciences(RIMS), Kyoto University.

The next meeting will be annouced after December, 2014.

History of this meeting
The 12th AAG meeting (September, 2013)   Program
The 11th AAG meeting (March, 2013)   Program(Japanese)
The 10th AAG meeting (September, 2012) Program(Japanese)
The 9th AAG meeting (March, 2012) Program(Japanese)
The 8th AAG meeting (September, 2011) Program(Japanese)
The 7th AAG meeting (March, 2011) Program(Japanese)

The 6th AAG meeting (September, 2010) Program
The 5th AAG meeting (March, 2010) Program(Japanese)
The 4th AAG meeting (September, 2009) Program(Japanese)
The first Affine Algebraic Geometry meeting (March, 2008)

On the occation of a visit by P. Cassou-Nougues (Universite Bordeaux I) to Osaka in September, 2007,
a small meeting was held.