Dean’s Message

Satoru Kato, Dean.

As Dean of the School of Science & Technology, it is both a genuine pleasure and solemn privilege to address you all today. First and foremost, this is an opportunity for me to welcome all faculty members, both old and new, and to extend to you all my most heartfelt and deep gratitude for your commendable efforts, both now and in the future, as we move forwards together. I think that we can all agree that a brighter future for all is truly a shared aspiration of all humanity; as I look into the future of this School, I feel pride, confidence, and a sense of eager anticipation. I look forward to working alongside you all, towards our brighter future.

Perhaps more than any other academic facet, the impact of science and technology developments are comprehensible to all of society, with the ubiquitous impact of the progress made being clear to all of us. However, in another, perhaps less readily discernible sense, such achievements represent the culmination of interwoven and extensive efforts on the part of individual researchers and teams, each of whom, through their curiosity, intelligence, passion, diligence, and tenacity, has made their invaluable contribution to the pool of shared human knowledge and creativity.

Throughout the historical development of science and technology, it is those same five W’s and one H that have sustained and incubated this developmental inertia. Despite the huge plethora of subject-matter, methods, and individual personalities involved, it is this most quintessentially human trait, the asking of questions, that lies at the root of the scientific and technological enterprise. From time to time, through the provision of a unique research platform, offering a future-orientated vision, a free and objective atmosphere, and those essential human connections that are established through a unique history, a research institute is able to facilitate the emergence of something truly special: a genuine scientific and technological innovation. Here at the School of Science & Technology, we are privileged to be able to call upon a distinguished research tradition. From our predecessor, the School of Science, we inherit a tradition encompassing the Christian mindset, openheartedness, and interactive collaboration. From such a platform, we look forward, seeking to harvest the fruits of dedicated professionalism and scientific endeavor, such that we can make this world of ours a brighter place. No less a goal can be worthy of Kwansei Gakuin’s proud motto: “Mastery for Service.”

In April 2015, I was especially proud to oversee the establishment of three new departments for Applied Sciences, which represent our firm resolve to make true social contributions through a commitment to “Green Innovation” and “Life Innovation.” Epoch defining technology only emerges in the wake of persistent and unwavering investigation into the fundamentals of science and technology. In your school laboratories, you will see innovation in the form of a fusion of basic and applied sciences- a melting pot in which the resources of people, potential, discovery, and development freely mingle. I know, from my own experience, and I am sure many of you can relate directly to this, that witnessing the growth of innovation in this way, as I have done, is precious and awe-inspiring in equal measure. Such an environment is one where we can encourage each student to become involved with research on a truly personal level, allowing their own unique abilities and potential to flourish. This is the true fusion of scientific and educational principles.

Scientific and technological development owes much to the idiosyncrasies of the individual scientist, and the unique spatio-temporal environment within which they work, and which makes them who they are. Given this, it is clear that sound development requires sound persons. I know that each and every member of this department is committed to educating our learners according to our motto: “Serve each other with love.” Appreciating the human aspect of scientific endeavor, we welcome students who seek to be a member of global community, contributing not only scientific and technological expertise, but also through the development of the spirit of challenge and love that makes such expertise possible.