Takeyoshi Goto

Major research fields

TakeyoshiGotoAnalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Molecular Spectroscopy, Solution and Interfacial Chemistry

Major research activity

The earth is a spaceship in which each of us lives. To sustainably develop the precious place, it is very essential to decipher how the fundamental events in nature are ongoing. Analytical science is a research field to experimentally analyze such events with interdisciplinary knowledge of science and technology. The designation of a new method is always demanded to obtain the further insights, because there is no single and universal method to reveal all the aspects of a sample.

Our research goal is to design an original analytical method based on analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, spectroscopy, and statistics. Recently, we have newly developed far-ultraviolet (FUV, 122−200 nm) spectroscopy. Almost all matters in nature have strong FUV photo-absorption ascribed to their valence electronic transitions. However, the FUV absorption of condensed matters is too intense to measure the FUV spectra. To overcome this challenging point, we fabricated an attenuated total reflection (ATR) type-FUV spectrophotometer. The accumulation of the FUV spectral data of various samples which are aqueous solutions, polymers (polyethylene), and nano-materials (titanium dioxide), unveils how the ground and excited electronic states of molecules are correlated with their physicochemical properties. Also, we have developed non-invasive and non-destructive analytical methods based on Infrared (IR) and near-IR (NIR) spectroscopy with chemometrics. These techniques have been applied to study the physical properties and molecular interaction of biodegradable polymers and their blends. The IR spectroscopic studies of blending poly-3-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) with various polymers specify the hydrogen bond interactions responsible for its crystallinity change. The NIR hyperspectral imaging of poly-lactic acid (PLA) shows that the stereocomplex of PLA is grown from the µm size seeds under annealing process.

Designation of an original analytical method demands lots of elaboration and thorough thinking. But certainly, it is very exciting.

Major relevant publications

  1. Goto, T.; Morisawa, Y.; Higashi, N.; Ikehata, A.; Ozaki, Y. Pulse Laser Photolysis of Aqueous Ozone in the Microsecond Range Studied by Time-Resolved Far-Ultraviolet Absorption Spectroscopy. Anal. Chem.2013, 85, 4500–4506.
  2. Goto, T.; Ikehata, A.; Morisawa, Y.; Higashi, N.; Ozaki, Y. The Effect of Metal Cations on the Nature of the First Electronic Transition of Liquid Water as Studied by Attenuated Total Reflection Far-Ultraviolet Spectroscopy. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.2012, 14, 8097–8104
  3. Goto, T.; Watarai, H. SERS Study of Rotational Isomerization of Cysteamine Induced by Magnetic Pulling Force. Langmuir2010, 26, 4848–4853.