Shin-ichi Sawada

Major research activity

Shin-ichiSawadaOur laboratory works on theoretical solid state physics and computational physics. Major research areas are studies on properties of non-bulk systems, for example nanoparticles, quantum dots,andamorphous materials, using computer simulations. Our studies include diverse topics. I will introduce some of them. In reference (4), we investigated the size-effect on the surface tension of nano-scale gallium droplets by molecular dynamics simulations and obtained result consistent with recent experimental results. In reference (2), using molecular dynamics simulations, we investigated fundamental atomistic mechanisms responsible for rapid diffusion in nanoclusters, i.e. the Spontaneous Alloying and Spontaneous Mixing phenomena, which have been found in experiments for bimetallic and ternary alkali halide clusters, respectively. Recent development in high technology have fabricated nano-scale quantum dots containing a finite number of electrons. We are interested in the crossover between solid state physics and the physics of chaos. In reference (5), we investigated quantum mechanics of Coulomb-interacting two electrons within a hard-walled circular billiard and showed that they exhibit so-called quantum chaos. We also investigated chaos, ergodicity and escape dynamics of systems consisting of hard disks within a billiard in references (1) and (3).

Major relevant publications

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