Hiroaki Ishii

Major research activity

HiroakiIshiiWe must make decisions based on various criteria in uncertaion and ambiguious conditions. In my major research areas include General Operations Research, especially, Facility Location Theory, Combinatorial Optimization, Stochastic Programming, Fuzzy Programming, Inventory Theory, Scheduling Theory, Mathematical Evaluation Method, Fuzzy Random Programming and Yield Management are my major research areas. Facility Location Theory is applied to urban planning and we collaborate with Professor Yeh of Development of Urban Planning, Cheng Kung University Taiwan. Mathematical EvaluationMethod is applied to Consensus formation and Yield Management for hotel rooms and airplane tickets.

This research is performed in collaboraion with Professor Yoon Gil Moon of KoreaAerospaceUniversity, Korea. Combinatorial Optimization, especially Network Problem under uncertainty and Ambiguity research is performed in collaboration with Professor Chen Ming Hao of the Department of Mathematics, Harbin Institute of Technology. Stochastic Programming, Fuzzy Programming and Fuzzy Random Programming are theoretical tools for these problems and I also endeavour to produce new theories for this programming. As for Inventory Theory, perishable goods are treated under fuzzy shortage cost. Further I investigate batch scheduling problems with some foreign scholars. Recently I am interested in food problems and study about crop planning, and menu planning. This is done with a fair, even and efficient society in mind.

Major relevant publications

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