Introducing the Department of Bioscience

Life and the environment are delicately in tune, maintaining the finest balance of equilibrium of energy, substances, signals, and information; homeostasis between life and environment. This balancing ability is primarily imprinted on DNA sequences of living organisms, genome, whose function is constantly stimulated and modified by the environment both inside and outside of the living organisms. As typified by the human genome project, we are now living in the era of steady progress in decoding the genome information of life, which leads us to deep understanding of life, ultimately being applied widely to Research & Development (R & D) in fields of medical science, agriculture, material science, and energy science, and so on.

The Department of Bioscience aims to raise expertises who can contribute to the R & D based upon genome information and its function. For this purpose, our curricula focus on principles and essential knowledge of bioscience, basic techniques for research on cells and biomolecules (genes and proteins), and advanced technologies for their utilization.

The curricula